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Love this soap it has a nice earthy smell

I started buying it at horrocks when I lived in MI and loved it enough to order it when I moved away

Smells great

Such a unique smell (in a good way). One of my Cellar Door favorites!



My most favorite soap!

I first fell in love with Cellar Door when my mom introduced me to them at the Northville, MI farmers market in the early 2000's! This is the BEST soap I have ever used and have told quite a few people about these delicious bars! If you want an extremely amazing bathing experience, try Cellar Door!!!

This is the only soap we use! It’s the best.

Ginger fizz is the best soap ever

Fantastic soap. Just love the scent

Very good products will be placing another order soon

All time fav

Saugatuck Shores is my all time favorite soap! And the name brings memories of my favorite little summertime town in Michigan!

Earthy hippie

Probably my favorite but really haven't found one that I don't like. I love the earthy smells!

Love the scent!

The warm ambered petichor scent is so very nice in the soap and the candle carries it into the room calmly when lit.
The CD Michigan line is terrific!

Intoxicating apples

This is a great candle!
Besides the fresh apple appeal you can even detect the alcohol scent. Genius!
Soy candles burn clean.


Plant Mama is one of my favorite CD soap scents so it stood to reason I'd have to get the candle which is just as delightful. So fresh and green and photorealistic. Clean soy burning, too!

Love the soaps

I worked at a local store that carries the Cellar Door soaps. But they were out of the Northern Lights. I live in northwestern Michigan and we see the Northern Lights. I was with a couple of friends and we had just been discussing the Northern Lights, so I wanted to get this soap for a hostess gift the next time I am invited to their house. They really make special gifts.

New favorite

This soap is my new favorite! Reminds me of summer afternoons in the UP

The best

Smell is amazing!

I am obsessed

My local botanical gardens gift shop sells this bar soap, and it is easily the best impulse buy I've made in the last year. It has such a fresh fragrance that is bright with a hint of musk, which makes it a good choice for both masculine and feminine-leaning scent preferences. It puts me in such a good mood every time I use it, and I will definitely be buying more directly through the maker now that I know who produces it.

Sex Machine

Masculine scents are for women too!! I love waking up to a shower with this soap. I also keep it in my clothing drawers and everything smells wonderful.

Christmas Morning Bar Soap
Sex Machine

Masculine scents are for women too!! I love waking up to a shower with this soap. I also keep it in my clothing drawers and everything smells wonderful.

Love this scent

The soap has a lovely, mild, warm scent, yet it also has a definite masculine tone to it. I love this soap. The scent sticks on my skin longer than the other soaps from cellar door, and I love it! Definitely my favorite soap.

We love these products!! Always order from them for soap.

Ginger Fizz Bar Soap
Paula Jaciuk
This bar is invigorating & smells so great

My daughter & I first bought this item at a craft fair at the Masonic Temple. We both liked the quality of the soap & the unique scent. We will continue to buy from Cellar Door because they are consistent in the quality & add new scents with clever names that make you smile.

Sex Machine Bar Soap
Paula Jaciuk
Loved the smell but bought it for the name.

I have 3 grandsons & 1 Son in law they all enjoy the scent & so I get them some each year.

Love the quality & scents of your soaps.

Bought Cellar door soaps for each member of my family. Chose a different scent for their personality or scent they like.