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Free Shipping on US Orders of $50+

Pleasant Peninsula Bar Soap

  • amber. marigold. woods. petrichor.

    If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you! Everyone knows about the Great Lakes, But there’s more to this great state than just lakes. With 5 national parks, pictured rocks, and more waterfalls than you can count, you could wander your whole life and still not see everything Michigan has to offer!

    1. olive oil (olea europaea)
    2. coconut oil (cocos nucifera)
    3. water (aqua)
    4. sustainable palm oil (elaeis guineensis)
    5. sodium hydroxide (lye)
    6. castor oil (ricinus communis)
    7. shea butter (butyrospermum parkii)
    8. fragrance (parfum)
    9. mica
    10. iron oxide
    11. oats
    12. coffee
    13. sand