Cleaning Out Our Closet

Marie Kondo finally got to us... so, we're cleaning out our closet! Here's the deal, sometimes soaps have to retire. It could be that a fragrance is no longer available, or maybe it's a seasonal soap that needed a break, or maybe it just plain wasn't selling too well. Whatever the reason, we've accumulated a lot of fragrances from old soaps that we're no longer making. Many of our customers have asked about these soaps from time to time, so we figured we'd just use up the last of these fragrances by making one last batch of soap and give you one last shot to pick up an old favorite! We even have labels still lying around for most of these soaps, but some will be unlabelled and totally naked! We'll have a note on the product page for any soaps that don't include a label.
Quantities are super limited and this will lilkely be the last time any of these soaps will ever be available, so act fast and stock up today!

🚚 We're Moving! 🚚

Place orders by June 19th, 2019 to avoid any delays in shipping.

We will be closed from June 24th - 30th for our move. Please click for full details and closure dates.

- The Cellar Door Family