Transylvania Tonic Bar Soap

***Please note: This soap is sold without a label. The image shown on this page is for illustration purposes only.***

  • Far from the world of mortal civilization, deep into gloomy skies, the wretched Count lies deep in his castle mixing up something special juuuust for you. It’s warm and red and... Hey did something just bite me?! Nope, it’s just the chilling sting of Transylvania Tonic! A fizzy sweetness lies beneath the scents of berries growing wild on the hillside making this macabre soap a true Hallowe’en treat. One whiff of this wicked cocktail and you'll be screaming bloody murder!

    1. olive oil
    2. water
    3. coconut oil
    4. sustainable palm oil
    5. sodium hydroxide (lye)
    6. castor oil
    7. shea butter
    8. fragrance
    9. bamboo charcoal
    10. mineral colorant

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