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Free Shipping on US orders over $50!

Son of a Nutcracker - 13 oz Wood Wick Soy Candle


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  • roasted chestnuts. vanilla buttercream. candied almonds.

    You ever get so tired of your family around the holidays that you just need to shout, "Son of a Nutcracker!!" We’ve all been there. And you know what... it's allright. We’re all right. We’re all just trying to live this crazy life the best we can. So, whether it’s celebrating Mom's knee replacement, reminiscing about Pop-Pop’s dad jokes, meeting grandma’s 9th cat, or wondering why Dad always disappears behind the shed, we’re family. And we love each other. Warts and all.

  • each of our soy candles is hand poured into a reusable glass container using the highest quality, american grown soy wax available. with an eco-friendly wood wick, these premium candles have a burn time of up to 80 hours and can add a sophisticated fragrance to any small to medium sized room.

    net wt. - 13 oz.

    New to Wood Wick candles? Here are some burning tips to get you started!